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Living trusts are an essential aspect of estate planning for many individuals and families, and provide numerous financial and planning benefits that go far beyond those provided in a will. By creating a living trust, you can transfer property to the trust for your benefit or the benefit of family members, other loved ones, or charitable organizations while providing you and others with numerous legal protections.  Pasadena estate planning attorney Christopher B. Johnson works with clients across Southern California to create living trusts that provide family members and loved ones with the promise of a more financially secure and stable future.

Why Create a Living Trust

When you create and fund a trust, you are essentially transferring property from your ownership to the trust itself, which can provide you and your beneficiaries with advantages both now and in the future:

  • Transfer Outside of Probate: When an individual with moderate or significant assets dies, his or her property would generally go to a probate court where a judge would oversee their disposition. By creating a trust, your property will go directly to those named in the trust, without excess cost or delay.
  • You Can Manage How Funds are Spent: The trustee who oversees the property in a trust is obliged to comply with the directions provided by the creator of the trust. Thus, you can create a trust to provide for your own needs at a future time when you might be incapacitated or provide ongoing funds to family members or charitable causes in a way that ensures that funds will be directed towards the purposes you want to promote (e.g. educational needs).
    Trusts are created for all kinds of reasons, and millions of individuals and families have found trusts to be an effective method to manage their property over the long term. Because every family’s financial situation is different, speaking with a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney is often the best way to determine how exactly a living trust might benefit you and your family specifically.

    Create an Effective Living Trust with a Pasadena Estate Planning Attorney

    By working with an experienced estate planning attorney to create and maintain your living trust, you can ensure that you are taking the proper steps to make disposition of your assets as efficient and beneficial as to your possible to your loves ones. Schedule a consultation with Pasadena estate planning attorney Christopher Johnson today to begin creating a living trust that protects your assets and the interests of you and your family.


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