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Does a New Will Automatically Revoke an Earlier Will in CA

It is extremely common for people to create a new will after they have previously created a will, or to create a codicil which modifies a previous will through addition, deletion, or other changes. After all, a person’s circumstances frequently change as their life goes on in...
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New Study Indicates Doctors Confused by Ambiguous Living Wills

According to a study published this month in the Journal of Patient Safety, physicians who viewed a patient’s living will consistently failed to reach a consensus in determining what end-of-life treatment was appropriate to honor the patient’s stated goals. The findings of the...
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Why You Should Have a Will If You Are Single

If you are a single person, and especially one who does not have children, you may be one of the many Americans who question the importance of having a will. So much of estate planning is about providing for a spouse and children after you die, but if you do not have either of...
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What Happens When the Testator of a Will Made a Mistake?

A will is one of the most important legal instruments a person will ever make, and so it should go without saying that ensuring the will is thoroughly accurate can be critical to the beneficiaries’ ability to receive the property meant for them in a timely manner. If a testator...
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How to Prove Undue Influence on a Will in California

A person is generally free to give their property to whomever they please via a will, aside from certain rules relating to providing for spouses such as California’s community property rules. But when a testator (the person who makes the will) makes or changes a will due ...
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New CA Law to Govern Handling of Online Accounts Upon Death

You already know that your will and other testamentary instruments decide what happens to your property when you die, but what happens to everything that you’ve left online: social media accounts, email accounts, Amazon accounts, personal websites, and so on? This has been an...
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How Estate Planning Can Help Your Loved Ones Make Money After Death

There are a lot of theories and beliefs about what happens to us after we die, but one thing we know for sure is that death puts a definite crimp on our ability to go out and put in a solid day’s work at the office. That said, for entrepreneurs and investors who make the right...
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Can a Child Born After a Will is Created Inherit?

If you created a will and later sired or adopted a child, or if you are the child of a recently deceased parent or currently living parent who made a will before you were born, you may rightly be wondering how California law treats the child in such a scenario. California law...
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How to Prevent Executors From Making These Common Mistakes

If you have already named an executor for your estate, then you have taken the first steps to making sure your family and loved ones will be taken care of after your passing. But, unfortunately, many executors end up making costly mistakes which lower the value of the estate you...
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LegalZoom or A Lawyer? The Truth About DIY Wills

Let’s be honest—no one likes to think about planning for their own death. For that reason, many people put off estate planning until it’s too late. Alternatively, they try to find the quickest and easiest solution to drafting a will, thinking that it doesn’t really matter. The...